5 Back Benefits to Walking

I love walking. On sunny days, on cold days and even on damp days. My perfect Sunday includes a walk on the beach with the dog & hubby. A simple, inexpensive and easy activity with many benefits. Regular walking can improve heart and lung function, aid in weight-loss, decrease bone loss, and can also boost mood, alertness and energy levels. Plus walking can benefit your spinal health too!!

  1. Increases circulation to the spine Walking increases circulation, bringing the body into balance and increasing stamina as blood pressure is lowered by the increased circulation. The continual flow of blood ensures that nutrients make it the spine and the surrounding soft tissues are nourished and enriched.  The movement of blood through the body nourishes the muscles, making you stronger whilst also making it easier to exercise. Essentially, the more you walk, the easier it is to walk.
  1. Helps rehydrate spinal disks Being upright compresses the spinal discs, squeezing out the discs’ water that provides cushion for the vertebrae. Walking helps to rehydrate the discs.
  2. Improves postural position Poor posture is often the result of sedentary positions such as office work or extended use of computers and mobile devices. Poor posture places extra pressure on the spine which can lead to tension, soreness, headaches and back pain.  Walking is the perfect postural antidote, strengthening the body & allowing us to naturally adopt proper posture. Good posture allows you to breathe better and can help reduce fatigue.
  1. Relieves spinal stress and back pain Walking is a low impact exercise that assists in improving flexibility and mobility, try adding some stretches for maximum benefit.
  2. Aids in Weight Loss Extra body weight causes stress on the spine as the body works harder to keep balance. Excess abdominal weight can cause a swayback effect on the spine. which in turn relieves the stress extra body weight causes the spine.

Just Start Walking!

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) is committed to empowering people to walk more and enjoy the benefits regular walking has for the back. The CAA’s health initiative Just Start Walking provides resources on getting the most out of walking and a mobile app to track walks and provide walking reminders. For more information on this initiative and to download the app to your phone, visitwww.juststartwalking.com.au

Your local CAA chiropractor can assess your spinal health and provide the chiropractic care needed help you lead and maintain a healthier life. To find your closest CAA chiropractor visit www.locateachirorpactor.com.au

Contributed by PCU & Hands on Health chiropractor Dr Roxanne Daniels, in conjunction with The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), an organisation committed to empowering people to walk more and enjoy the benefits regular walking has for the back. 

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